Investment Management

At Kingsbury Capital, we understand the market complexities today’s investors face. Without objective guidance from a trusted advisor, it can be difficult to feel confident in your investment decisions. We offer customized strategies and objective guidance with the goal of helping you navigate the noise in the media and the ever-changing nature of the markets.

We customize our investment strategies to be consistent with your goals, objectives, risk tolerance, and constraints. Through changing markets, we seek to increase portfolio value over time, without enduring unnecessary risk. While no one can predict market fluctuations, customized strategies can help manage risk. We recognize the importance of establishing your portfolio, using a disciplined risk-management approach that addresses your appetite for market volatility.

Through our relationships with Charles Schwab and Advyzon, we also have access to a number of educational resources, analytic tools, market research, and practice management support, which help us build comprehensive investment strategies. 

We take pride in our high-level service that extends beyond creating a portfolio. Investing is not a one-time event, but an ongoing strategy that requires refining and adjustments. Our goal is to be accessible to you when you need us and our team is always available by phone, email, video conference and face-to-face meetings.