Since our founding in 2007, Kingsbury Capital Investment Advisors has strived to create a caring client experience that sets us apart from other firms. We provide a long-term view focused solely on assisting our clients in growing, protecting, and transferring their wealth. Below are just a few of the attributes that set us apart:


Because Kingsbury is a Registered Investment Advisor firm, our advisors have the legal obligation to act in the client’s best interest, under the US Investment Commission Act of 1950. Your regular broker may not be held to follow this act.


Because Kingsbury is a privately owned independent firm, we are agnostic in regards to the solutions we provide. Our advisors, and their clients, benefit from a culture not burdened by a proprietary or corporate mandate to recommend one investment over another. Advisors are free to operate in their clients’ interest where their sole objective is to help them succeed.

Fee Only

Because our advisors are fee-only advisors, their one and only interest is yours. Unlike commission-based advisors, fee-based advisors are not rewarded for engaging their clients in active trading. 

Comprehensive Services

Even though Kingsbury is not large, we provide access to a wide range of products, services and strategies that help assist our advisors and you in achieving your financial goals. 

Strong Relationships

We enjoy working closely with our clients and their families, building trusted relationships that span generations. Our greatest passion is successfully guiding you through the many changes in your life and helping you pursue your financial goals. We will never lose focus on providing the personal attention you deserve.